Superstars of Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the best football clubs that the world has ever seen. With numerous trophies under its name and the most coveted, European Champions League winners, ดูบอลสด in a record five times for any English team. With all these accolades, it has had some of the best players in the history of football playing for it. Below are some of those players that are legends for the fact that they were Liverpool players, now and back then.

Luis Suarez.
Arguably one of the best strikers of this generation, he is a living testament to the fact that Liverpool does make and bring out the best in a player. In his last season as a player for Liverpool, ดูบอลสด Youtube he scored over thirty goals in the English Premier League, a fete that has only been accomplished by a few players.
Luis Suarez remains one of the best in the field, and you had to love his playing style while in Liverpool. He was aggressive as he was tricky with the ball and given half an inch in front of goal; he would take a mile. 

Fernando Torres.
This Spanish great was another great striker in the game. He earned Liverpool some of its most important victories ผลบอลเมื่อคืน in his time as a player. He scored not just when it mattered, but he also scored just for the sheer fun of it.
As a Liverpool great, you have to admire his attacking flare and the moves Torres had. Given the ball in front of goal, he would easily convert that into a goal.
He made scoring look easy, and that is why Fernando Torres is among the best that Liverpool has had.

Robbie Fowler.
Robbie was magic. Some at the club describe him as a god. Whatever you decide to call him, he was the best at this game. Not just in Liverpool would we describe him as great but overall in the game, he is one of the best players ever.
He handled the ball like it was made for his feet. He was simply the best and talking much about Robbie spoils his magic. 
Robbie was simply, the best that Liverpool has ever had.

Steven Gerrard.
We watched him score stunning goals from forty or so yards away from goal. He created some of the best chances that strikers have ever had with regards to scoring. He defended when it was necessary.
He captained the team like a true leader. Steven had it all. He was the best at what he does, and that is why you can’t say Liverpool without mentioning his name.
All that Steven did was just unbelievable, and almost every fan cried when he left the team. He will always be missed by the team that made him the best that there ever was in the game.

Kenny Dalglish.
King Kenny is what the Liverpool fans refer to him as. He scored countless goals for the team and was always there to play a game. His dedication, as well as performance for the team, is clearly unrivaled, and you got to love all that King Kenny did.
He accomplished what many could only dream of. He truly is a Liverpool as well as football best.

Ian Rush.
He scored 346 goals for the club. 
How can you argue with that record? Ian is a legend that truly had no limits as far as scoring was concerned. He made playing look natural and scoring easy.
He organized his team to one of the best that the game has ever seen, and that is why Ian will always have a soft spot in the hearts of Liverpool fans all over the world.

John Barnes.
Well, if you were lucky enough to watch him play then you know how much of a great technical player he was. He is one of the best that the club as well as football in general. 
With the most brilliant of runs as well as the scoring ability that was just unrivaled. John is a true legend, and if you have the chance of replaying some of his best moments, you will see how much of a great player he was.

Michael Owen.
This list wouldn’t have been complete without the kid who had the over sized jersey back then. Owen scored some of the most important games for this club, and his achievements are just great.
He is a true Liverpool legend that lives on. He came to the club a boy and made some of the best moments of Liverpool that the world has ever seen. Owen never disappointed, at all.